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Financial Accounting

  • Year End Work:

    • Financial Statement preparation (Notice to Reader)​

    • Adjustmenting journal entries

    • Bank reconciliations

    • Corporate tax return preparation

    • Year end tax planning, including shareholder remuneration

  • Accounting for investments (stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds etc.)

  • Tax provision computations (current & deferred taxes)

  • Bookkeeping

Tax Consulting & Advisory

  • Succession planning

  • Corporate reorganization and capital restructuring

  • Business and professional incorporation

  • Asset rollover (tax deferred asset transfer into a corporation)

  • Shareholder remuneration planning (ex: salary v.s. dividend)

  • Analysis of hypothetical and real tax situations

  • Advance Income Tax Rulings and Interpretations (from CRA)

  • Employee stock option plan analysis

  • Formal tax opinion and tax research

Tax Dispute Resolution

  • Tax audit defence (including attending CRA auditor meetings)

  • Formal objections and appeals to an assessment

  • Tax collection defence and negotiations

  • Tax amnesty (Voluntary Disclosure)

  • Taxpayer relief and fairness requests (penalty and interest cancellation)

  • Client representation with taxing authorities such as CRA and provincial authorities

Tax Returns & Other Compliance

  • Individual Income Tax Return preparation (including: deceased individuals, bankruptcy and other special cases)

  • Corporate Income Tax Return preparation

  • Trust Income Tax and Information Return

  • T3010 - Registered Charity Information Return. As a contribution to the community, this service is offered to registered charities at 75% of normal rates

  • T-Slip Preparation - Payroll (T4), Investment income (T5), Self-employed commissions income (T4A), NR slips and others

  • GST/HST/PST return preparation

  • Non-residents

Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit

  • Assistance with determination of qualifying SR&ED expenditures

  • Assistance with costing of SR&ED activities and projects, including salaries, materials, and capital expenditures

  • Preparation of Federal and Provincial SR&ED claims

  • Assistance with claim defence during CRA audit

  • SR&ED claims for individuals (ex: professors, engineers)

Business Acquisitions & Sales

  • Assist in assets vs shares purchase decision making

  • Analysis of tax implications of sale or acquisition

  • Planning for a future sale

  • Risk analysis in respect of tax positions

  • Structuring for maximum tax savings now and in the future


  • Preparation of customized pay stubs

  • Preparation of T4 Information Return



We are committed to providing high quality, personalized Accounting and Taxation service to individuals and businesses.


As a full service professional practice, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

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